How To Clean Your Glass Piece

This method can be used to clean a personal piece, bong, bubbler, or any smoking apparatus made with glass.

It’s simple and doesn’t require you to purchase the most expensive cleaners. Might as well buy a new glass piece if you’re going to do that.

Instead, all you need is:

  1. Salt
  2. Rubbing alcohol or acetone
  3. Plastic seal up bag or tape

The rubbing alcohol, or acetone, helps break down the residue that builds up in the glass pieces.

The salt acts as an exfoliator that helps quickly remove the resin build up.

Step 1: put salt inside the piece
Step 2: put rubbing alcohol, or acetone, in the piece
Step 3: cover holes with tape, or put glass piece in a plastic bag
Step 4: let it sit, if heavily stained, otherwise shake until all residue is gone

If the instructions here aren’t clear, this video can help show you what to do.

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