How To Pack a Bowl

The Best Way To Pack a Bowl of Marijuana (Weed)

In the pursuit of knowledge, we asked several dozen individuals how they prefer to pack their bowls?

There were two methods people mentioned, either by first grinding their marijuana flower or breaking it up by hand. These are the arguments that people used to support why they chose their preferred method of packing a bowl.

Grinding Marijuana vs. Breaking Marijuana By Hand

Pro Grinder

  • It burns evenly
  • You can slice better with this method for better smoking etiquette
  • You effectively smoke all of your marijuana using this method
  • Your grinder will collect kief
  • It’s less harsh when you smoke
  • Your hands with natural oils will remove THC from the plant matter

Pro Hand Breaking

  • Best way to do it when I am lazy
  • It’s not as harsh (This was surprising but only one individual gave this comment)
  • All the THC gets stuck in your grinder, this method reduces THC lost
  • This method prevents the weed from falling through the bowl

Then we had a few that argued the best was a combination of the both and they simply stated, put a nugget at the bottom of the bowl and the grind the marijuana and fill the bowl that way. Pro grinder individuals state that using a metal screen or glass blocker is still better because the nugget can burn faster and everything can get pulled through.

In the end, it seemed like grinding was the best method to pack a bowl, and if you could get the size consistency of a small nugget to put at the base of a bowl right, then that would also be a great method. However, there was one professional who suggested using non-stick scissors.

Cutting Marijuana seemed to eliminate all the disadvantages of each method.

  1. It burns evenly like grinding
  2. THC lost is minimal, compared to your hands and the grinder
  3. It’s less harsh, as long as the scissors are sharp

So in the end, after listening to the sample of smokers and trying it myself, I would have to agree that the best way to pack a bowl is the least conventional way which is by using non-stick scissors to cut up weed.

Do you agree? Which way do you prefer to pack a bowl?

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