How To Smoke Socially – How To Smoke A Slice

The Smoker’s Etiquette Manual

Did you ever smoke a bowl and everyone gave you the stink eye? But you just brushed it off because you’re probably just high and paranoid? Well… it’s probably because you burnt all the greens and everyone is insulted that you didn’t consider them when you took your hit.

Unless you’re smoking personal bowls, DO NOT ever burn the bowl.

In these situations, you will always slice the bowl. This ensures everyone gets greens and it’s really the only way to show your respect for the marijuana, but also with your fellow smokers.

How To Slice A Bowl

Slicing a bowl is simple. All you need to do is hold the flame off to the side above the bowl and inhale. This placement is optimal because you will only burn one side of the bowl. If you placed the flame right above the bowl, it’ll go directly down and will burn outward. Directly burning the majority of the greens. This is why placing it above the bowl, off to the side will ensure a nice clean slice.

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