Top 5 Things To Do

The Top 5 Things To Do While High

Based on veteran smokers

  1. Eat
    Whether you’re a newbie or if you’re a veteran of over a decade, everyone still gets the munchies while smoking. Just make sure when you do, you have some healthy choices. Smoking everyday and eating poorly can have some adverse effects to your health.
  2. Exercise
    Whether you’re going for a hike, hitting the gym, or going beast mode in whichever environment you’re in, there is nothing better than getting a great work out in while smoking. There are actually personal trainers who advocate smoking weed, before and after working out. Remember, CBD helps with body recovery, so if you have it smoke it after a workout.
  3. Watch a Movie
    If you need a list of movies to watch, go here.
  4. Go To Sleep
    Some people use this to help them sleep at night. So if you’re struggling for those 8 hours of sleep and they’re out of reach, try smoking and sleeping.
  5. Get Creative
    A lot of people tend to give up things as they get older. Playing video games, watching television, painting… Use being high as a gateway for expressing yourself more creatively. Have fun playing video games and let your imagination immerse itself, buy a canvas and start painting… If you’re a musician, pick up that instrument and start playing a new song or learn one.

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